While kids of all ages love getting gifts and eating cake, the theme of a birthday party can be just as important. Whether you are planning a preschool party or one for a tween, make sure that you discuss party themes early on to ensure that the event is a big hit! The theme that you choose will be used to tie the various party elements together. Whether you are going for a princess bash or focusing on a particular colour palette, your theme will make selecting decor and other items significantly easier. By allowing your child to participate in the selection, the youngster has the opportunity to explore their own imagination and dreams.

In fact, a good party will showcase the party boy or girl’s personality. Whether your child’s favourite educational show or an older kid’s zombie phase, their interests should be at the forefront of the theme. If zombies aren’t your thing, don’t have them for your own birthday party, but let your kid enjoy theirs! Kids birthday parties can all seem like one continuous event if there aren’t themes used to distinguish them. While there is nothing wrong with keeping things simple, a themed party will be remembered for years. Besides, a themed party doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

When you are shopping for the party, a theme can simplify things considerably. Many party supplies come in coordinated packs. From the cake plates to guest gift bags, you can find matching supplies at big box stores, party supply shops and online retailers. To keep your younger kids from being overwhelmed by the theme options, consider presenting a few of these popular choices. Then, your child has some control over the theme without the stress of sorting through dozens of potential themes.

Animals Rule

Most kids adore animals, making this one an easy choice for many families. One option is to create a theme based on farm animals and related activities. If the country and western theme doesn’t get your kids going, perhaps a safari theme would. Jungle animals and fun safari activities can be a perfect way to celebrate a birthday.


Although dinosaurs died out a long time ago, kids are still fascinated by these magnificent creatures. Little ones especially delight in playing with dinosaur toys and using their imaginations to take the dinosaurs on all kinds of adventures.

The Circus Is Coming To Town

Everyone loves a circus, and you don’t have to wait until the next one rolls through your neck of the woods to celebrate circus fun. A few costumes and cute decorations are all you need to put on a fantastic show. Who doesn’t want to see a real lion tamer or strong man?

Ahoy, Matey

Boys and girls alike love to play pirates. This theme lends itself well to treasure hunts. You might even rent a bouncy castle designed to simulate a pirate ship. The birthday celebrant can weigh in on the treasure being sought by the pirates. For instance, are they going to take gold from a dragon or raid a nearby island for supplies?

Pretty As A Princess

Princess Party Themes | The Little Event Company

Little girls love to play dress up games, and a princess is often at the top of the list. Although most princess party pieces used to be in pink, it is increasingly easy to find princess dresses and accessories in other colours. Make sure you choose the right one for your little princess.

Tea Time

Little girls especially love to play tea party, and a birthday party can be the perfect occasion for everyone to delight in the fun. Stuffed animals are often encouraged to join as guests.


Comic characters have been on television and the big screen a lot in recent years, giving kids plenty of superhero action to watch. Many of the fans decide that these shows and characters can make the perfect birthday party theme. Just make sure that you are honouring the right superhero for the big day.

These ideas are a great start, but you can always find more. Don’t forget that you can mix and match certain elements as well. For instance, a princess party could certainly use a little tea time.

The important thing to remember is to create a day that everyone will enjoy, particularly your little birthday boy or girl.