Your Dream Bathroom

Dream Bathroom using Bathroom Tiles | Tile Cloud

A bathroom is a place where you can escape daily stress, dream, think, relax and pamper yourself.  A bathroom is your private space. If you want to design or redesign a bathroom, here are some pointers to get your dream bathroom.

#1 Configuration and budget

Designing a bathroom requires some serious planning and coordination. You’ll need to consider the budget and an efficient layout that matches your expectations and goals. Create a plan evaluating where the shower will be installed. Where will the bathtub be placed? Can you put a freestanding tub or if there is any place for the tub? Or, would you like to set a European style shower?

Every bathroom needs to deal with vent stacks, plumbing drains and water lines. Plumbing and connecting water lines can be difficult or costly to change, once set. Decide the configuration of your bathroom when you are creating your house plan. However, it is only applicable if you are building a new bathroom structure. If you are remodelling your old bathroom, configurations are already set.

#2 Must have bathroom tiles

While planning your dream bathroom, you may have those unique accent bathroom tiles or the plain tiles in mind. Start with the tile of your choice and use it as a designing factor for other bathroom tiles. If you are planning to use some unique colour bathroom tiles as the centre of your design, go for some more subtle colours to utilise in your accent style. However, if you are in love with the plain tiles, add an element of temptation with vibrant accent bathroom tiles.

Floor bathroom tiles are as important as wall tiles, whether you are looking for something to surround the shower/tub or the complete bathroom. There is no hard and fast rule of selecting a tile for your dream bathroom. With so many beautiful bathroom tiles available in the market, keep your mind free to choose the best.

#3 Get the idea

Your dream bathroom is like a well-thought vision. With a well-thought vision, we mean, something that you can easily communicate and implement. Images speak better than words. Your contractor can better understand your vision if you use images to communicate. Take help from a website like Architecture Art Designs and Pinterest to provoke ideas and jot them on an electronic or manual design board. This way you can keep your thoughts organised. Share the idea board with your contractor for better results.

#4 Trending ideas

Freestanding tubs are the most popular choice for designers and homeowners. These freestanding tubs are available in various shapes, size and colours. Freestanding bathtubs are not only an ornate way or relaxing, but it adds an element of elegance and artistry to the bathroom.

Being different is the latest trend. Bathrooms are always captured into the same antiquated structure over the years. Take a step to add something different to those empty spaces, which can make your bathroom stand out. It can be as basic as lifting your bathtub or creating a quality backdrop.

#5 Make it yours

A dream bathroom should have the stamp of your personality. Be creative with the selection of colour schemes, materials and finishes. Keep checking how the bathroom is turning up when placing tubs and cabinets. After all, it is your dream bathroom; you will get to choose anything and everything, from faucets to the wall colour, and from the sink bowls to the soap dispensers.

Think well before you choose taps and fixtures to add to your stunning bathroom design. For example, if you are looking for an elegant modern look, gold tapware with a sleek slimline basin outlet can do wonders.


A dream bathroom is not always about contemporary looks and vibrant colours. Your dream bathroom is all about personalising the space. Read, watch, research, mix and match, and play around with shapes and colours to create your dream bathroom.