Historical heritage monuments or trivial tiles in your homes – all wear away with time. Things which face the weather and other abrasions daily need to be maintained properly to last long. But, no matter how hard you maintain, one day the bell for repair will ring and undoubtedly, that will take a toll on your pocket.

But, what if you find a way through in which your work will be done easily, and you will also get to save money, won’t that be great? Well yes, indeed the idea is outstanding, and the outcome is also bang-on! This idea is known as ‘resurfacing’ which is a lot like renovation but unlike remodelling. The process is not that hard, but still, it would require professional help, and for that, Restore Floor in Sydney is your partner for any tile restoration or resurfacing services.

How Resurfacing Works?

The literal meaning of resurfacing is a repetition of surfacing which means, the surface area of a place is renovated to make it more durable. The process is very much different from remodelling because in that case, the entire structure goes through a transformation, whereas here, only the surface gets a make-over.

So, now you can well understand that if you resurface instead of remodelling, then you will be able to save some bucks because you are not undertaking the mammoth task but just touching-up the problematic areas with equal efficiency. If you want to give a try, then give Restore Floor a call for any tiles resurfacing or tile cleaning services to save yourself the time and trouble.

But Wait!

Before you get too excited, there are a few considerations to take as resurfacing is recommended in certain applications and environments only.

Resurfacing is a great option to save you money, stress and time but is not recommended in areas where the environment or the room has too much light exposure,or if a room is partially exposed to the sun. Please get advice from us on the type of tiles too before you proceed.

How We Resurface?

resurfaced tile

Resurfacing in the process of spraying a new surface which lends a fresh look tiles in the room where it’s applied. A new surface is put over the old surface to bring about the necessary changes and modifications. The steps which are followed for resurfacing are:

  • Fixing of all the tiles which are loose
  • Tiles cleaning and re-application of grout (a mixture of cement and water which fills up the gap between two tiles) where and when needed.
  • Removing all objects and pipelines before starting the process
  • Prepping the tile surface which is to be resurfaced, so that the new surface attaches well with the old one and the bond is long lasting
  • Applying bonding agent and primer
  • Clearing and applying heat

The Magic

The outcome is that ultimately resurfacing helps in tile restoration. It gives a makeover, and the resurfaced area seems to have a brand-new feel which freshens up your environment. Moreover, this extends the lifetime of the tiles which lets you give out sighs of relief! Apart from the showy aspect, this resurfacing also addresses some serious problems like:

  • Takes care of grout line (absorbs water and helps bacteria to extend their family) problems.
  • Fills up cracks
  • Hides chips and holes
  • Reduces crazing (when tile absorbs water and increases in volume)

Pocket-friendly indeed

The tile resurfacing Sydney does not have a set cost; rather it depends on the amount of the work that one needs to do. The condition of the tiles, the repairs required, the entire area waiting to be resurfaced – all come under the consideration of cost. If you compare the cost and procedure of resurfacing with remodelling, then you save:

  • Manpower as it requires fewer people as the work is less
  • Time because remodelling means erasing the past and then creating the present for future use whereas, resurfacing means mending the past and the new avatar is ready to be used within a day.
  •  Money because setting up a new thing is costlier than repairing the old one. Moreover, when you have fewer men to work for you, you pay less, and you can utilise your extra time for other works!

Thus, prepare your tiles with Restore Floor as the specialist tile restorers in Sydney to bring your home back to life!