In the 21st-century, we’re living in a world that filled with stress and worry.  Our jobs are busy; we worry about how to pay the bills; we can’t get in the amount of exercise that we’d like; our kids take up a significant portion of our time leaving little for anything else; we watch ourselves grow old.  However, even though we live in busy and hectic times, there are things we can do to calm our nerves.  Flotation tanks in Melbourne, Australia can help us relax.

What is a Flotation Tank?

A flotation tank, invented by Dr. John C. Lilly, and sometimes called a flotation pod, is an instrument used for what is known as flotation therapy.  Flotation therapy involves climbing into an enclosed tank or pod that is filled with both water and Epsom salts.  The pod is soundproof, light proof, and temperature controlled and is designed to eliminate all distractions that can come in from the outside.  It is intended to help you reach a state of deep relaxation.  Because the water is mixed with salt, it enables you to float in the pod or tank.  A typical session in a flotation tank is 60 minutes long, but times can vary.