Getting your house repainted entails careful considerations. You need to determine the area of your interior and identify the changes that will take place. You also have to consider the colours that you want to use in a particular area of your interior. Having a well-thought-out plan helps you to successfully achieve your repainting goal. Additionally, hiring a commercial painter in Melbourne such as 1800 All Painting gives you desirable results and excellent finish to your interior. Here’s a simple guide on how to get the best commercial painting company in Melbourne.
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Gather potential companies

Browse the Internet and shortlist three potential commercial painting companies in Melbourne. Invite them to a project briefing on a specific date in your project location. Most of the more progressive commercial painters would have websites proclaiming their business is the best. This makes it easy to choose three or four of such painting service providers. For convenience, you may choose those that are based near your location.

Discuss your goal

On the date of your briefing, distribute your project brief and explain what you want to be done in your house. Aim to make a complete explanation of the brief to enable them to understand what exactly you want to be done and when you want it finished.

Ask for proposals

Arrange to have their proposals submitted to you within five working days. Their proposals must already contain a complete schedule of their activities as well as their proposed costing.

Conduct an interview

As soon as the proposals are received, interview each proponent by phone and try to negotiate their final project bid. This phone interview should be the last opportunity for both of you to clarify your thoughts regarding the project before it starts.

Choose the right proponent

After evaluating the submitted bids, choose the winning proponent. At the same time, advise the non-winning bidders that an award has been made. Then, invite the chosen proponent to a confirmation meeting. During the meeting, verify and clarify business licences, references and contact points.

Finalize the contract

You can choose between two contract types. These are the labour-only contract and the labour-and-materials contract. If you wish to actively oversee the work and want to handle the purchase of materials, you can choose the labour-only contract. But if you want a less stressful participation in the project, you can choose the labour-and-materials contract.

However, be sure to ask for the bill of materials. In either case, while work is ongoing, you can exercise your ownership prerogatives in accordance with the agreement. Another option of comfort open to you is to appoint a full-time overseer. This could probably be a friend who is familiar with construction work. That way, you don’t have to be constantly exposed to the painting activity that’s ongoing.

Most commercial painters would probably prefer that you go for the labour-and-materials contract. This will give them leeway to mobilize the purchase of needed materials and complete the work according to your timeframe.

Moreover, ensure the safety of other items inside your house. These are the furniture and appliances which are not included in the work. To be properly secured, put them away from the area and cover them to avoid possible staining. Most commercial painters would have covering mats for this purpose if you have none.

Professional painting service providers are conscious of their contract obligations. They will most likely complete the project before the agreed timetable. When you are convinced that the work they have done is satisfactorily completed, you may already sign a project completion certificate.

Advantages of Hiring Commercial Painters

There are lots of advantages in hiring a commercial painting service provider, rather than doing it yourself. For one, commercial painters are professionals who have received affirmation of their skills. They are trained to do the work they profess, possessing skills they acquired not only through long experience but also through the facilities of the paint manufacturing companies they represent.

The Professionals

The right professional understands the best type of paint and colour to use. They have the proper tools and equipment necessary to do just about any size of the job there is. Their workmanship is usually satisfaction guaranteed. Getting their services means you don’t have to go through the inconveniences and hassles of preparing materials and tools as well as in cleaning up the mess afterwards. With a commercial painter in Melbourne, you need not be bothered by the mess created by repainting works.

You can always contact your local Commercial Painters Melbourne Experts and get their expert opinion on your queries.

Source: Courtesy of 1800 All Painting Melbourne, Australia