During the laser cutting procedure, there is laser beam used to cut different materials like metal, plastic, wood, rubber, etc. This technology has become an essential part of manufacturing process. Laser cutting machines are equipped with computer-controlled programming that determines how and where the interface is integrated in the material. Laser cutting services are part of any reputable machining provider, since it offers and affordable and accurate way of producing almost any shape in plate or sheet metal. Whether you require 2D or 3D laser cutting services, the well equipped machining shop will be able to exceed your expectations. Although lasers provide great benefits, they also have some limitations. In addition, let see some of the advantages and disadvantages that comes with this technology.

Advantages of laser cutting:

It is easier to keep the work-piece in the right position. Short obtained by laser cutting doesn’t take long and are extremely accurate. The whole cutting process is easily achieved in less time compared to traditional scissors. As the section is produced, there isn’t direct contact of the work-piece with a cutting tool, lowering the risk of contaminating material.

In traditional separation process, the heat generated during the process of cutting usually melts the material. In laser cutting, the heat area is very small, reducing the possibility of material deformation. The laser cutting machines require less energy for cutting sheet metal. The laser cutting technology can be used to cut wide range of materials like wood, ceramics, plastic, rubber and certain metals.

Laser cutting is amazingly versatile technology and can be used to cut or burn simple to more complex structures in one piece.

One or two cutting machines are able to be used in the work of several other cutting machines.

Laser cutting process is easily controlled by computer programs, which makes it very precise while saving considerable amount of work.

Because the laser cutting machine doesn’t require human intervention, except for inspections and repairs, the frequency of injuries and accidents is very low.

Laser cutting machine has high level of efficiency and required design replicas are exact copies of each other.

Disadvantages of laser cutting:

Efficiency and power consumption depends on the type of section that need to be carried out and nature of the laser. Usually, laser cutting have high energy consumption.

Laser cutting of plastic components can be expensive because when exposed to heat, plastic emits gas. For this reason, the laser cutting service provider should have well-ventilated room, which is quite expensive. Also, the gases released during the process of cutting plastic can be harmful and toxic.

Not all types of metals can be cut with laser cutting. For example, metals like copper and aluminum can’t be cut using this technology. Production rate isn’t consistent. All depends on the type of material used, the thickness of the work-piece and the nature of laser cutting. Setting of the temperature and the distance laser can lead to the combustion of some materials. Human intervention is required just in case of repairs and trial runs. While these actions, worker comes in close contact with the leaser beam, which can cause burns.


Source: Behance.net