An Australian First NATA accredited testing to EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-3 (Harmonics and Flicker) and NATA accredited calibration of Harmonics and Flicker test systems


EMC Technologies is pleased to announce that they can now provide NATA accredited testing to Power Quality standards EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and EN/IEC 61000-3-3 including the AS/NZS equivalents.

EMC Technologies can now also provide the internationally accepted ISO 17025 NATA accreditation for the calibration of Harmonics and Flicker (H&F) compliance test systems used to measure H&F in per IEC/EN/AS/NZS 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-3. Accredited calibration of H&F test systems was only previously possible in overseas calibration labs. Shipping of these large and heavy H&F test systems is expensive and fraught with risk. This has always been a major problem for Australian test labs wishing to obtain NATA accreditation for testing to H&F standards. There have also been major inconsistencies in the interpretation of the calibration procedures. Many calibration labs ignored the Power Source of the H&F test system and it was excluded from the calibration. Two new standards (IEC Technical Reports) have been published to standardize the calibration methods;

IEC TR 61000-4-37:2016 Calibration and verification protocol for harmonic emission compliance test systems

IEC TR 61000-4-38:2015 Test, verification and calibration protocol for voltage fluctuation and flicker test systems.

EMC Technologies has the only NATA accredited H&F calibration service in Australia/New Zealand, and is one of the few in the world that meet the new calibration requirements.

Both calibration and testing are also conveniently available on site at customer’s premises.

Compliance with Harmonics and Flicker standards is mandatory for CE Marking and for certification of energy savings products under various energy regulator schemes in Australia and overseas.

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