How does Office Design co-relate with Team Productivity


The performance of any team rests on numerous factors, such as project quality, environment, culture, attitude, and office design. Yes, you read that right! How your team performs depends on the office environment and setup. Let us see how the connection between productivity and office design happens.

#1 Decluttering

cluttered office

Over the years, offices accumulate clutter which cramps the space and leaves less of a breathing space. During an office refurbishment campaign, there is a big clean up, and employees will experience a renewed motivation to work in a clean workspace. Modern office furniture and interior décor motivate employees positively. It is like buying a car in mint condition – we stay happy and gleefully joyous for days.

Alternatively, employees are aware that refurbishing an office space requires investment, in the business and the manpower. It gives the impression that the business owners are willing to invest in them. In return, the employees feel emotionally connected to the business and their future prospect, driving them to show better performance.

#2 Teamwork and Collaboration

teamwork and collaboration

Refurbishment gives the opportunity to work on better office dynamics. Businesses can rearrange the departments, the placement of workstations, the lounge area and other aspects. They can choose among activity based working, hot-desking options, flexible working stations, and static workings stations.

#3 Cost Effective

A new office fitout certainly demands immediacy of expenses, but in the long-run, it reduces office maintenance and operational costs. A revised rigour of working and improved work outputs reduces business costs because greater productivity means judicious use of resources.

However, you can save hard cash during the refurbishment by planning the process thoroughly.

Think of the office space each person needs for maximum output, opt for environment-friendly sustainable initiatives to reduce carbon footprint, choose modular furniture and efficient technology solutions, and lastly, the office design should include temporary partitions and dividers instead of walls to customise requirements in the years to come.

#4 Technology

work station


Give the employees flexible working conditions by investing in apt technological devices. Give them options like ‘work from home’ or ‘work while travelling’; these are the options which simplify working conditions, and the staff does not feel bound to the chair. Mobile technology simplifies collaboration – think of the big picture. You can use tools to mark attendance, check on project updates, monitor performance and more.



A new fitout or renovation gives an office a new lease of life. It imbues the employees with motivation and challenges them to improve their performance.