If you ever experience rear bumper damage, you should immediately consider bumper repair options. Here are some tips to get your car bumper quickly fixed.

Heat Repair

Bumper repairs are not so tough. If the bumper is dented and there are no effects on the paint, you can quickly restore it by applying heat.

Steps to fix the bumper using heat:

  • Detach the bumper from the car.
  • Scrape the dented area carefully. Make sure your pressure only removes the paint. Applying excessive pressure can delve the bumper.
  • After removing the paint, apply a thick layer of putty on the affected area. The putty will take at least an hour or two to dry completely.
  • Check the putty before heading forward. If it is still not dry, wait for another 1-2 hours.
  • Use a 120-grit sandpaper to sand the putty smoothly
  • Make sure the putty is even on all the sides.

What to do if heat is not enough for bumper repairs?

If you are not able to push out the dent with the use of heat, use body filler to uplift the dent. To make this process more efficient, do not remove the bumper from the car. This procedure works best when the bumper is attached to the vehicle. Use lightweight fillers like putty, instead of hard materials like bondo.

Hairdryer can help in bumper repairs

If a friend is available to assist in your vehicle’s bumper repair, you can fix the dent using two hairdryers simultaneously. Firstly, with a cloth, wipe off dirt from the car bumper, if any. Take your regular hair dryer, point it towards the dent, put the button on high heat and start warming the bumper. Take another hairdryer, point it to the same area, and switch it on to high heat for ten minutes. Later, turn off the second dryer and let the first dryer do its work for another 20 minutes.

Ask your friend to push the dent from inside, with hands. You will see your car’s bumper magically coming back to normal. Wait for the bumper to cool down, and it will be as good as new.

Dry Ice Helps

Dry ice is a cooling agent and can be used to fix a dented bumper. Wear a pair of protective gloves, take a piece of dry ice and rub it on the dented area until the dent pops backs to its place. If the dent is not too deep, the dry ice method works quickly. Deeper dents mean you have to keep on rubbing the dry ice for a while.

Or, you can combine the previous two methods. Use the hair dryer method to heat up the dent area and then apply dry ice to pop out the dent.

Hot Glue, Screws, and Wooden Dowels

If the dent is big enough, try to fix it using wooden dowels, screws, and a hot glue gun. What you must do is take the dowel, put two nails on each side of the dowel and put the hot glue at the bottom of the dowel. Now place the dowel/s on the areas around the dent. Leave it to dry. Pull the dowel/s and usually, the motion helps to pop out the dents.

The Internet is full of workable DIY methods on how to do bumper repairs. However, be prepared for any further damage to the car. There are even cases where people tried fixing their car bumper with a bucket full of boiling water!


DIY methods look straightforward and cheap but can be the reason of severe car damage. Bumpers are not so easy to repair as it seems. If you love your car, you should opt for a professional bumper repair work. It may cost you some dollars, but you can be assured your problem will be permanently resolved.