Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Commercial Office Fitout

Growing Staff

With a growing staff, desks scattered all over, files heaped on every shelf and the present space looking cramped, you need more space or most likely a different arrangement to sufficiently accommodate your present and future operations.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to mess up your budget for a fitout.  But remember, this is a whole new project; you will need to carter for it separately.

Draft a budget while excluding what you don’t really need. Here are eight proven ways to reduce cost of a commercial office fitout.

  1. Select an Internal team for the project

A new commercial fitout will require constant attention.

You need a competent and composed project manager and a team made up of representatives from all central departments. With this panel, you can make a rough estimate on  the budget, divide duties and complete tasks quickly.

In addition, many minds come up with more ideas. Someone might come up with one that will save you tons of cash- trust your clients with their workplace.

  1. Find out what can work for you

Research and pinpoint what will work for your office. At the same time, consider your limitations and objectives.

Collaboration research

Check the costs and benefits of the new fitout, the space, ask for workers’ opinions and have in mind your company goals and needs.

Lastly, confirm whether your new ideas will support or hamper the use of technology.

  1. Seek advice from a fit-out expert

Even with an internal term, seek the counsel of a professional; especially on structural, mechanical, electrical, and financial matters. With this, you’ll have the needed guidance on the dos and don’ts and ultimately make sound choices.

Expert Advise

Better to pay a little consultation fee than to go trial and error and waste money on having unnecessary items.

  1. Tweak and refurbish what you have

You can have a whole new look by simply tweaking the boring arrangements to something more appealing.

A quick and cost-effective fitout should be your first option. Improve the space with new carpets, lighting systems, and decors.

Next, install better air conditioning and upgrade your IT systems. Note that the cost of refurbishing furniture is more affordable-$1,000 as against $1,500 for a new set.

Though these changes will have to be done in stages and some may last long, the good thing is that these can save you a lot of money.

  1. Try an open-plan layout

The trend for an office layout has shifted from the traditional cellular designs to open plans. Open-plan designs are better because of the minimal building works needed per project, thus, there is less cost.

Open Layout

With this layout, you can incorporate unique designs e.g. short walls that can partition a large space. This way you will considerably reduce the cost of renovation.

  1. Go for a “package deal” from a single supplier

Believe it or not, of all the tips to save on office fitout, going for a one-stop-shop is the most preferred strategy in Australia but also in Europe and the U.S- studies have confirmed it.

Suppliers offer great deals for a complete fit out. If you hop from one dealer to another for  material and services, you may not enjoy huge discounts.

  1. Monitor carefully – you will discover redundant costs

For a sustainable fitout process, always keep an eye on productivity. Work hand-in-hand with your service providers so they can give you a heads-up on excessive costs that you might have missed.

Further, it’s possible to lose a lot by stopping your everyday services for a fitout. That’s why you need to be on top of the fitout operation. The fitout must not hassle customers and shouldn’t stall office operations.

  1. Go for what’s ready

If you choose to move to a new place, these days most property owners are leasing workspaces- either partly or entirely fitted out.  While this sounds good, look at the positives and negatives in the deal.  For instance, you can have high rent rates, that reduce lease incentives.

You don’t want to make adjustments when moving to a new office, then you may have to make do with the available space while the fitout is ongoing.

But if you’re considering moving to a new place, choose a fitted one. Fitted-out spaces are more affordable than having the need to have fit-outs installed.

Call Next Gen Interiors

To be sure you’ll get value for money and won’t waste cash, it’s a good idea to enlist the services of the right fitout company. Next Gen Interiors has years of experience designing rooms for a broad range of businesses.

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