With all the beautiful landscape around, camping is a great experience. All the adventures, food, fun, peace, campfire and the special time spent with family and friends, camping is the best holiday plan.

With all good treats comes some bitter experiences as well. After all staying out of the comfort of your cosy home can bring some difficulties your way. It could be an itchy bug bite, a bruise or a deep cut, anything like this can spoil your holiday mood.

To make your camping experience a lifetime memory for you here are few hacks, that can save you from any mood spoiler.

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A close-packed first aid is a must

As you are in the woods, you should always keep a petite first aid kit within your reach, so that you can use it whenever needed. A kit which is compact and designed to fit anywhere, stocked with essentials is must while camping.

You can either buy a closed-packed kit or make one on your own. Use any small reusable tin or plastic box for the kit. Make sure it can be closed properly. Stuff the box with essentials, such as:

  •         Band-Aids
  •         Scissors
  •         Cleansing wipes
  •         Antiseptic cream
  •         Ibuprofen

You can stock other items as per the necessity and space in the kit.

Vacuum pack food to keep it fresh

You cook your favourite food to eat while camping, but when you open it, you find it’s not edible. Vacuum pack for the food extracts oxygen before sealing, which keeps the food fresh for longer time. So, before leaving for your trip remember to vacuum seal your cooked food.

Stay away from the itchy bugs

You have your first aid kit with you, but that cannot save you from diseases caused by mosquito bite. As you are in an open area, to protect yourself from mosquito attacks you need to know these essential hacks.

#1 Sage

This herb emits a strong fragrance, that can be used as a weapon to repel mosquitoes. You can burn sage leaves or use sage essential oil for the same. Rosemary, catnip, basil and peppermint are some of the alternatives to sage.

#2 Mosquito Repellent Lanterns

These lanterns use heat technique to repel mosquitoes and clear up an area of around 15 square feet

#3 Spray Permethrin on clothes

Permethrin is a kind of spray that not only keeps you safe from mosquitoes but also helps you stay away from bugs like ticks and black flies. These sprays are harmless, with no side effects. They can also be used for kids.

Enjoy cheese while camping

Cut a big piece of cheese into smaller pieces and pack cheese sealed in wax. If you don’t get a wax packaging, try vacuum bags. If you are on a long trip, prefer hard cheese over soft cheese, as they last longer.

DIY Soda or Dew Night Lamps

With 4-5 basic ingredients, you can create your glowing night lamp. As there is no electricity you can create this fabulous night light, it’s useful as well as beautiful.

Steps to create Mountain Dew Night Lamp:

  •         Take a mountain dew bottle, empty most of it
  •         Cut a green glow stick and add its ingredients into the bottle
  •         Add dishwashing soap
  •         Add 3-5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide
  •         Mix a pinch of baking soda into the bottle
  •         Close the bottle cap and shake it well
  •         See the amazing results

*Tip: You can skip the glow stick if you don’t get it.

Try these hacks on your own and make your camping easier. Enjoy!