Do you want your home to have a good ambience? Are you ready to change your light bulbs and give your home a makeover? LED lighting is necessary for every house. On this, there are two kinds of lighting. Warm white and cool white.

And yes, it’s true, there is not only one colour of white. Warm whites are said to generate 3,000 Kelvin Degrees while cool white has 5,000 to 6,000 Degrees Kelvin. To easily notice the difference, warm white LED lighting to emit yellowish light. You’ll see this kind of light in traditional incandescent as well as in halogens. On the other hand, cool white LED lights contain blue shades of light.

cool white LED lights

Warm white is more relaxing to the eyes than cool white. It’s best for rooms where people naturally prefer soft light. Thus, this is recommended for the dining room, living room, and the bedroom. If you want to look better, warm white will reduce the appearance of your imperfections and will soften your skin tone.

warm white

You’ll notice that everyone looks great in warm white so better use this to your advantage. For a romantic dinner with your special someone, best to use warm white LED lighting. This will create a soft and relaxing ambience. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your blemishes, because the lighting will naturally soften skin tone.

commrecial lighting

Cool whites, on the other hand, are good for hair salons, product displays, workshops, garage, kitchen, and for your make-up room. This kind of lighting is recommended when you need to see the real colour of objects or the details of what you’re doing. This helps you see details more clearly.

salon lighting

There are no rules when choosing your LED light. However, there are several things that you should know when selecting the colour temperature of your lighting. A lot of people are not aware of the effect of the light’s colour to humans. However, experts say that cool light helps with a person’s alertness, productivity, and mood.

So if you’re throwing a children’s party, a bright, cool light will help set up the mood and make the kids feel more alert along with a good party song. However, if you are organising a more intimate party with your friends or a chill night with your special someone, a warm light would be great at softening the ambience.

bedroom lighting

For your bedroom, keep in mind that warm white lighting makes people feel more relaxed and cosy. The comfortable light helps people with their sleep. Adding a warm white LED light in your kid’s bedroom, or your room will prevent you from being grumpy in the morning.

In contrast, a cool white colour for the bedroom can affect your circadian rhythm negatively and may interrupt your internal clock. If you want to have a great sleep, dimmed lighting will make it easier for you.

Understanding where to use each kind of LED lighting will make it easier for you to choose which to use. Knowing which one is right for a room in your home will make a big difference.

Besides the colour temperature, the quality of your chosen LED light also matters. Choose brands that have proven to have good quality. Ecoglow assures that you’ll get the best lights that fit your budget without compromising quality. We’ll give you an extensive range of lighting products so you’ll enjoy shopping for lights that fit your needs.