It is wedding planning 101. Prior to selecting any of the decors for your wedding, you have to select the colours you want to use. A common way to handle this is for the bride to choose bridesmaid dresses and coordinate the rest of the event around those colours. After selecting the colours that will be used, the sky is the limit when it comes to wedding decor. One great way to get some assistance in this area is to use the mypantone app.

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Centerpieces Make A World Of Difference

If you try your best to remember your parents and/or grandparents weddings, it is likely they used basic flowers as a centrepiece. These days, wedding planners and brides are making the decision to go outside of the box. It is common for the style of the couple to be showcased by their centrepieces, which may include props, candles, photos, flowers and other items that fit the theme.

The key to selecting the right centrepiece would be to figure out what purpose you want it to serve; expressive of the couple’s style, showing off common interest or basic aesthetics. One example of showcasing a bride’s love for shabby chic style along with a groom’s love of horticulture would be displaying flowers inside vintage watering cans.

There is one question to ask yourself during the process: How do you want guests to interact with one another. If you have a very large bouquet, people will not be able to see over them, which means that chatting will be impossible. On the other hand, creating a unique centrepiece can give two perfect strangers something interesting to talk about.

Customised Table Settings And Place Cards

White place cards with guests names written in a fancy font are the standard, but it is not imaginative at all. Many stationery companies will allow you to print cards that match the invitations you send out, so they will mesh with the theme you have chosen. Consider the fact that cards can be made tented so they stand alone or you can place them in a holder. The latter is where you can show off some of your creativity. For instance, if you have a nautical themed wedding, using a seashell to hold the card would be a wonderful idea.

It is possible to choose table settings that match your theme, decor and colour choices. If you are having your ceremony at a wedding venue, talk to someone there to see if they have any glassware, flatware, linens and dishes that are cohesive.

Do Not Run Out Of Decorating Ideas

Wedding planners have a lot of ideas, but you have to remember that this day is about you. Do some research on great ideas before meeting with a planner so you can make sure you are on the same page. Sometimes they can take one of your suggestions and turn it into a masterpiece. Bridal magazines and websites like The Knot are filled with ideas, so make sure to use them when you are searching for ideas.