We can only assume that rock and roll can taints one’s memory a bit, because Guns N’ Roses said ‘hello Sydney’ to a Melbourne crowd on Tuesday and it was super awkward.

The band’s announcer is said to have kicked off their concert at the MCG in well, Melbourne by introducing themselves to Sydney. Oops. Luckily most people found it hilarious, a couple booed and then everyone got over it because Slash came out. Surely it was just a slip of the tongue.

People have had a bit of a giggle about it on Twitter because as we know by now, it didn’t happen if it wasn’t on social media.

“Guns N Roses scream “Hello Sydney” in melbs. I wonder if anyone in the crowd thought, “oh crap we’re at the wrong show!” one Twitter user wrote.

The gaffe amusing many fans because everybody knows that both Sydney and Melbourne have been bitter rivals in the quest for Australia’s favourite city for some time.

“Hahahah most hilarious start to a show in ever…. “Hello !!!”….. Crowd responds yayyyyyyy.. wait… What?” another said.

Thankfully the show sounds like it was an absolutely awesome one and fans on Twitter recovered quickly, shifting the conversation to the band’s stellar performance.


Source: Huffingtonpost.com.au