iPad Barcode ScannersYou can’t use just any conventional cordless barcode scanner with an iPad – you need a scanner specifically designed for the iOS system that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iPad.  Suitable devices are often called iPad barcode scanners.

These scanners are designed for better compatibility and integration with your iPad.  All you need to do is pair your iPad with the Bluetooth scanner to start using the scanner with your device.

Here are top five iPad barcode scanners that can provide barcode scanning for an iPad:

#1 ASP Zapper Tornado BT

The Zapper Tornado is a handheld barcode scanner designed for Bluetooth connectivity, not just for the iPad, but also for Android and all other Bluetooth applications.

The Zapper Tornado BT employs cutting-edge Linear Imaging Technology to provide outstanding scanning performance even with worn or difficult to read barcodes.  Any scanner can read perfect barcode labels, but the Tornado BT will quickly and accurately read the low contrast, damaged, smudged, poorly-printed barcode labels that are commonly found in the real world, with a huge depth of field – up to 40cm reading distance for 100% UPC/EAN symbols.

The Zapper Tornado BT is a 1D scanner, with 2D, corded, and an antimicrobial housing all available as separate options.

#2 Motorola CS3070

The Motorola CS3070 is a handheld barcode scanner designed for Bluetooth connectivity with an iPad.  Motorola CS3070 is a part of Motorola CS3000 Series, which is available in two different versions to upload data in real-time as well as at a later time with Bluetooth connectivity to laptops, smartphones and PDAs.

The Motorola CS3070 is a flexible 1D laser mobile scanner, with a single line scan pattern.  The communication range of this Bluetooth scanner is up to 10 metres feet.  The Motorola CS3070 can be connected to a device through USB or Bluetooth.

#3 Socket CX2872 -1411

Certified by Apple for all iOS devices, the Socket CHS 7Mi is high on performance with 1D barcode scanning and a communications range of up to 10 metres.  This Bluetooth scanner is handheld and cordless with connectivity to both iOS and Android.  This is a laser scanner, and uses single line scanning pattern.

#4 Motorola CS4070

This device is offers advanced barcode scanning with a compact size and cordless design that can fit in your pocket easily.  The Motorola CS4070 is the latest Bluetooth scanner designed to work with iPad and other iOS devices.  This scanner has a ability to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes with an area imager.  It comes in white colour with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

#5 Opticon OPN3002i

The Opticon OPN3002i is a 2D CMOS imager, and is one of the most popular Bluetooth barcode scanners available in the market.  It is a real-time barcode scanner compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.  This device is a mini scanner that can easily fit on your keychain, and has a communication range of 10 metres.  It can be connected via Bluetooth, USB and Batch.

All of these barcode scanners are of durable quality, affordable, and recommended for use with iPads.

ASP Microcomputers is a trading name of Grayline Holdings Pty.  Ltd., a privately held company that has been trading for 40 years.