Diamond drill bits are the ultimate tool for drilling holes through tough materials. If you’re looking to drill through stone, marble, granite or another material, then a diamond drill bit is exactly what you need to make it happen.

However, like other tools, a diamond drill bit needs regular care and maintenance to ensure that it is always able to complete the job at hand with absolute efficiency. So, here are some of the most important ways you can keep your diamond drill bit in top shape and get the most out of it for every job, plus keep yourself safe.

Get More Out of Your Diamond Drill Bits With These Tips

1. Always Go By the Mohs Hardness Scale

When drilling into a material, always check the Mohs Hardness Scale to ensure that you don’t drill into a material that your drill bit cannot handle. The scale goes from one to ten, and different drill bits are made to drill into materials of varying hardness. Therefore, you need to pick a drill bit that can handle that material. Otherwise, you may damage the drill bit and it won’t effectively drill through the material.

2. Start Slow

It can be tempting to start drilling at the fastest speed possible in order to get through tough materials. Unfortunately, this is an easy way to not only shorten the working life of your drill bit, while dulling it, but also fracture or even break what you’re trying to drill through! Instead, use the lowest setting on your drill and then work up to higher speeds only once you’re halfway through the material you’re drilling.

3. Keep It Low Pressure

No one likes working in a high-pressure environment, and the same goes for your drill bit. Remember, it’s not a race to see how quickly you can drill through the material. What you want is a good, clean hole and to get the most out of your drill bit. Therefore, use as little pressure as possible. Your drill bit will get through — be patient. If you use too much pressure, the drill bit may snap.

4. Clean Your Drill Bit

If you use a sintered drill bit (these have lots of layers of diamond on the steel shank), you’ll need to be ready to clean the drill bit before and after drilling every time. Use an aluminium oxide rock. This helps to expose a fresh diamond coat for each new hole drilled, ensuring a better job is done.

If you have an electroplated drill bit, you don’t have to worry about this level of cleaning. However, once the diamond jacket is worn out on your drill bit, you will have to get a new one. They typically don’t last as long as sintered drill bits.

5. Keep Your Drill Bit Cool

To extend the life of your drill bit, make sure it stays cool as you drill with plenty of water. Watch out if your drill bit feels warm or hot to touch. Stop drilling immediately if you smell burning. There may be serious damage to your drill bit that needs to be dealt with. There may be an issue with water flow or the speed or pressure is too high.

6. Always Use Clamps

You never want to drill through a piece of material whilst holding it with one hand — this is a surefire way to cause yourself (or someone else) a serious injury! When drilling through particular materials at home, always ensure that you have said material clamped to your workbench so that it is not at risk of flying around as you drill through it. This also minimises the chance of you slipping with the drill and accidentally injuring yourself or someone else.

7. Start With a Dimple

Drill bits can lose their grip when you start drilling and this can lead to nasty accidents. The best way to avoid this though is to put a small hole in the material you wish to drill. It’s easy to do: all you have to do is measure and mark where you plan on drilling before using a center punch and hammer to mark the spot where you will be drilling. You are then free to start drilling your hole and your drill bit should easily bite into the material.

8. Begin With a Small Hole

If you want to drill a big hole then it’s always a good idea to start with a smaller one. This way, you can ease your drill bits into the hole and gradually work your way up until you’re at the size you want.

It’s All About Maintenance & the Correct Techniques

Drill bits are vital tools for tradies and DIY experts. Making sure that they’re always operating at peak condition means jobs get done more efficiently, effectively and safely. Plus you won’t have to keep buying new diamond drill bits all the time! Making sure you follow proper drilling technique and taking the time to follow through with regular drill bit maintenance, you will be able to use your diamond drill bit for much longer!