What Should I Look For in a Handheld GPS

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If you are planning an outdoor trip, it is important to have a navigator on hand. While technological advancements enabled mobile phones to have navigational features, without any data or tower strength, its GPS is inaccurate. That’s why it is vital that you own a handheld GPS unit when going outdoor.    A handheld GPS [...]

A guide to CE Declaration of conformity | CE Compliance Testing

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CE Compliance Testing affects the supply of products to and allows free movement and sale of goods throughout the European Economic Area. CE-marking is mandatory within this region and as part of the mandated requirements, it requires documentation in the form of a ‘Declaration of Conformity’ or commonly abbreviated to ‘DoC’ that states that the [...]

Top Five iPad Barcode Scanners

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You can’t use just any conventional cordless barcode scanner with an iPad – you need a scanner specifically designed for the iOS system that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iPad.  Suitable devices are often called iPad barcode scanners. These scanners are designed for better compatibility and integration with your iPad.  All you need to [...]

A Guide to EMC Pre-Compliance Testing

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If you are a manufacturer of a product that contains an electronic circuitry inside, most likely your product emits electromagnetic waves when it is in operation. These electromagnetic waves are similar to those invisible network of charged particles in the air that makes radio possible, TV transmission, microwave operation, x-rays as well as a host [...]

EMI Product Testing Australia/NZ

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EMI stands for Electromagnetic Interference. It is a problem caused by the proliferation of industrial, commercial, and military electronic systems and equipment. EMI affects mission-critical communication and guidance systems, military equipment and ordnance, household products, computer systems, and personal gadgets. One of the major problems is the exponential growth in mobile phones which use one [...]

A Closer Look at Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

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What is electromagnetic compatibility testing? Let us try and explain it! Most of the today’s electrical products and electronic equipment are subjected to electromagnetic compatibility testing. Electromagnetic compatibility testing is commonly known as EMC testing. In Australia, this testing is compulsory for manufacturers of certain products. This testing is necessary to demonstrate that their products [...]

Universal Robots is Set to Conquer the World of Robotic Arms

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Recently, Enrico Krog Iverson, from Universal Robots, visited the office of IEEE Spectrum in NYC for a tete-a-tete with Erico Guizzo about the role of robotic arms in the future and how Universal Robots is ready to win the world with their brand of robotic arms. Universal Robots is the creator of UR-5 and UR-10. They are [...]

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