Are you looking for a way to generate a substantial amount of traffic without the cost of PPC advertising? Many people have discovered that a digital PR can do just that.

Every new product can be promoted by an accompanying press release that should be distributed to hundreds of different news agencies. However, there is a way to write a press release that can produce the best results.

Let’s go over how you write one, who you are actually targeting, and where to find digital press release services on the web.

Why Write A Press Release?

A press release can attract tens of thousands of people almost instantly. You may not understand how to do this initially, but there are online courses on how to write them, or you could just hire a professional.

If you want to get the most exposure, it must be written as most news stories are written, and that is how you can get the most traffic.

But apart from coming up with the correct content, it’s equally important to pinpoint which news outlets you will tap to get the press release out.

How Do You Write One?

You must think of a press release as a means to get on the good side of news websites all across the web. If you can do that, you will get a phenomenal number of sites to distribute it, making it a game changer for your business.

You can learn how to do this by visiting the major distributors of press releases like PRWeb. They have tutorials and tips on writing a press release, and there is also software that can help you out.

It is also helpful to look at previous press releases that you can use a reference in coming up with your own.

Or alternatively, hire somebody to do this for you. Just make sure they have a good reputation and track record on using the web so that you can get that substantial amount of traffic.

How Do You Distribute Them?

It is going to cost you money if you really want this distributed to people that are the most useful. Professional press release distributors have more contacts than the free press release websites. But even though you need to shell out the cash, this will translate to greater awareness and profit for your product and company.

By comparing the different prices, and the reputations of these companies, you will know exactly who to use.

What Should A Press Release Give You?

If your press release is written well and if you are using one of the major press release distribution services, you can look forward to a substantial amount of traffic.

Once it is out there, preferably on hundreds of different news websites, thousands of visitors will visit your website. This traffic will continue for many days, if not weeks.

It’s going to make your job very easy, and once you have multiple positions on the search engines for your press release, the amount of traffic that you will receive can be very lucrative.

After have successfully submitted one, and if many news websites pick it up, you could be raking in profits from the online exposure.