With increasing global warming and environmental hazards, the Australian government is actively trying to introduce workable methods to reduce air, water, and land pollution. There is a renewed focus on renewable energy channels, energy efficient public transportation methods, energy saving methods and more.

Apart from the government, various corporate brands, having realised their social responsibility, are actively participating towards adopting “green” measures to reduce their carbon footprint. In the process of adopting an environment-friendly strategy, the businesses benefit.

Top Businesses Adopting an Environment Friendly

Let us look at some corporate brands who went “green” and the ensuing benefits.

#1 General Electric (GE) Ecomagination Product Line

When GE was accused of polluting the Hudson River with polychlorinated biphenyls and received much criticism, they changed their business approach and adopted “green” methods. Other than taking active measures to clean up Hudson River, GE created a range of environment-friendly products, including solar panels. In 2006, GE made a record selling over $12 billion of its Ecomagination products, and by 2015 they have generated a remarkable $232 billion in revenue.

The Ecomagination products, in partnership with other brands, addresses global resource challenges through incremental resource productivity with commercial solutions that protect natural resources.

#2 Bank of America

Bank of America is fulfilling their commitment towards environmental sustainability since 2007. They have already contributed around $70 billion for low-carbon and legitimate business activities. They have a target of $125 billion in investments towards low-carbon financing and sustainable business operations by 2025.

With the reduction in paper use by 32%, Bank of America registered a growth of 24% in their customer base. The bank has their in-house recycling program that saves more than 200,000 trees per year. Also, they introduced a cashback reward of $3000 for the employees buying a hybrid vehicle.

#3 McDonalds

McDonald’s, the globally popular fast food chain, recently joined hands with PETA to fulfil their social responsibility. Instead of destroying the natural habitat of birds and animals, they now work with PETA to introduce environment-friendly business practices.

#4 Starbucks

Starbucks introduced the “bean-to-cup” plan, dedicated to saving trees, in 2006. Through this initiative, they save around 78,000 trees every year, and through creative marketing of their social activities, they have increased their customer base immensely. Their step towards protecting natural resources has proved to be a successful business activity in recent years.

#5 Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Toyota’s Prius is recognised as the most fuel-efficient car till date. Prius, other than being the first mass-market hybrid car, enjoys popularity among 40 countries, which helped to increase Toyota’s sales numbers and had a positive impact on the resultant profit margins.  Toyota Prius was awarded as the third least carbon-emitting car in the UK.

#6 Impact Digital

Impact Digital, is a company that are committed to combating climate change. They maximise visual impact with their high quality printing – Green Printing, it reduce any environmental impact through a range of initiatives.

environmentally friendly company


Going green is not only beneficial to the society and the environment, but it also helps in brand building and profit margins, as it increases the accountability and credibility of a company in the market.